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Gaëtan Doh Ahoomey-Zunu, the visually impaired from the sixth legislature of Togo

Elected membre of parlement following the legislative of Thursday, December 20 in Grand Lomé under the banner of the Strength Union for Change (SUC), Gaëtan Doh Ahoomey-Zunu is a visually impaired who aims at defending vulnerable groups.

He is not the first visually impaired elected MP in Togo. Jérémie Yao Vidja from under the colors of Union for Republic (UNIR) in Amou was in 2013 but could not sit. The particularity of Mr. Ahoomey-Zunu is that he will sit alongside other 90 deputies in National Assembly.
Even before he elected, he declared himself candidate "for changing people with disabilities and vulnerable groups living conditions". The proposal law he wants to defend in the Hémicycle will deal with a compensation allowance of 30,000 FCFA monthly to be paid for all people with disability in the country.
"My challenge would be to convince my colleagues in order our work can take into account the specificities of each category of people in country. This, so that prosperity can start from the bottom to the top, "he said last Tuesday during the opening of the sixth parliamentary term.
According to him, "Great things are great only if they can benefit large number. It’s not about being a minority in a mass. It is neither by force nor power. It is through the spirit of God, people willingness, the courage doing better than yesterday. I think we will understand that if we make well the smallest, we will get the strongest, "Ahoomey-Zunu firmly believes.
An engineer by training, the visually impaired MP was head of division at Renault in France for a long time. A few years ago, victim of robbery, he lost his sight while he was on vacation in Lome.

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