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Gambia Organizations Of Visually Impaired Commemorates World White Cane Safety Day

The United Nations General Assembly sets aside every 15th october annually for the celebration of world wide cane day. It is against this iniation that the Gambia Organization of Visually Impaired (GOVI) also joins the blind community in the world over to commemorate this event.

This year(2019) GOVI dedicated this event to one of its branches out of ten(10) ,located in the West Coast Region of the Gambia in a village called Bwiam. The chairman of the event Magistrate Muhammed Krubally who also doubles as the secretary general of GOVI outlined the importance of the white cane to the audience as follows ;

1. That White Cane serves as an important tool that enables blind people move freely from one destination to another
2. White cane serves as a source of identification and recognition of the blind people.
3. The use of white cane by the blind people protects and prevents them from danger during movements.

The points are numerous but he highlited this few. In addition it is concluded that The Gambia government resides on the building principle of “leaving noone behind” of the sustainable development goals which further urge the state to make infrastructure accessible for all.

Finally drivers were also cautioned to drive slowly and pay attention to anyone they see using white cane.

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