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Ivory cost : People with disabilities must strengthen their self-esteem and arm themselves with values

Vincent Bohouo, founding President of the association of the Inclusion of People with Amputations and Motor Impairments of Ivory cost (IPADEM-CI) invited people with disabilities to change their perception of disability, during the official launch of the personal development training program of disabled people from Côte d'Ivoire, COPHCI headquarters.

People with disabilities need to build their self-esteem and love themselves with their disability because no one will do it for them. Disability doesn’t constitute a problem that can stop our development and achievement, but our environment is the big problem. People with disabilities should not be ashamed to display their disability at the risk of being overtaken by this embarrassment. Instead of being ashamed of one state of disability, everyone should capitalize on this condition to make it an asset. The history of the world has shown that the greatest president of the United States (Franklin Roosevelt was a person with a motor disability. In the Ivory Coast there are examples of musicians who are real stars who are very well respected today ", meant Vincent Kadélé.
For the president of IPADEM-CI, people with disabilities must have a sense of responsibility and arm themselves with values. "Integrity, a sense of service, excellency ... must be virtues that furnish the lives of all people with disabilities. People with disabilities should be qualified in many fields in order to establish themselves through the quality of their work and their skills, ”said Vincent Bohouo Kadélé.
Note that “Capitalize on your disability to make it an asset” was the theme of this inaugural conference.

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