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Portail des Droits des Personnes Handicapées en Afrique de l'Ouest




Mali : Cry from the Heart by a Disabled Person !

A disabled person spoke from the heart by ‘’ saying to the whole world that disabled people are full citizens with rights and duties. They are Worker, intelligent, precious, joyful, courageous people ...

Who am I ?
Some people dared change my name
Here are the different names they have stuck on me :
sick ;
subman ;
disabled ;
witch, crazy and so on ...
Let me answer these !
Proud to be what I am !
Because it ‘s God willing.
No bady can do anything about it
I refuse to let society continue to stigmatize myself and prevent me from expressing my talents.
I refuse this lawless men to sacrifice albino people in their occult practices (hair, nails, Blood) to obtain wealth and power,
Use blind women out of curiosity or pleasur in dark corners away from lights.
Marrying women with motor disabilities, deaf-mutes and short stature is anyway source of wealth, because they are not a business ! Sending them to beg on the streets is not an option to save from poverty.
Empower disabled persons is to contribute to their development by giving them a special position in the family and especially in the society.

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