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Sign Language Interpretation on Television Stations.

The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Cooperation (SLBC) and Africa Young Voices (AYV) Introduced Sign Language Interpretation on their Television Stations.

Persons with Disabilities are the most vulnerable set of vulnerable people in developing countries. Their vulnerability increases based on the type of disability they have. In a society where Persons with Disabilities are finding it very difficult to adjust and survive, discrimination, marginalization and neglect are partners in the same work.
Developmentally, Hearing and Speech impaired is a set of Person with Disability that is behind. In education, the percentage of them to universities/colleges is very low because the tools they use in these institutions are not available. There is a limited number of Sign Language Interpreters in the country. There is no school (Private or Government) that has employed Sign Language Interpreter to sign during teaching talk less about university/college.
In April, 2020, an organization working for and with Persons with Disabilities (One Family People) employed a Sign Language Interpreter on a Private Television Station (Africa Young Voices) to sign on some of their critical discussion including News Hours. In that same month and year, the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Cooperation, a Government Television Station employed a Sign Language Interpreter to sign during the COVID 19 update and other important information/news.
If this development continues in the country, hearing and speech impaired will get some knowledge on basic issues in the country and this will help to make them feel that they are considered in the development of the country.

Written by : James Abraham George.

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