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Saturday 25th April 2020, at the govi complex in kanifing, the Manchester Gambia support network donated cash amount of thirty thousand daalsis to the Gambia federation of disabled to support its PWDs, to help themselves while staying at home during this trying time of coronavirus, in a form of presentation to the beneficiarys.

The Gambia federation of disabled GFD this morning received a cash amount of thirty thousand daalsis D30,000 from The philanthropist called the Manchester Gambia support network to support its PWDs who are most volnerable in this crusade of coronavirus pandemic, through their chairman council K. Ceesay who said they formed this charitable structure in UK so that when climaties happened they can step in to support their members,as a results, since the coronavirus pandemic is not an exception for any difficult situation, they decided to spread their wings to their native country the Gambia. Yet decided to help the people with disabilities through our able chairman magistrate krubally.

As far as people with disabilities are always the most volnerable in terms of any crises. Therefore, they decided to give cash amount of one thousand five hundred daalsis to each beneficiary instead of food stuff and sanitary materials. According to council Ceesay rice alone cannot be consume but it need other ingredients to make it palatable, in which money has to come to play.

Mr magistrate Krubally in his vote of thank, highlights the important of this magnanimous gesture as real humanitarian consideration to GFD. Mr Krubally mentioned the fact that Gambia federation of disabled received some donations the previous week, in a form of food stuffs and sanitary materials. But for the first time in history for GFD Board to receive cash amount to support their members who are house hold heads and are most volnerable. He described Council Ceesay and the team as dynamic philanthropist and urge other organizations to speed up an emulate Manchester Gambia support network to prevent PWDs from the advent of covid 21, which is hunger virus
At this juncture all the beneficiaries went home with a smilling white envelop of D1500.

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