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Togo / FETAPH is organizing a workshop to validate the manual for capitalizing on good practices for the decent employment project for people with disabilities

In order to help remove obstacles to the professional integration of people with disabilities, the Togolese Federation of People with Disabilities (FETAPH), with the support of partners such as the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Christoffel Blinden Mission (CBM), since October 2017 has been running the “Decent employment for people with disabilities in Togo” Project. The objective of this initiative is to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of people with disabilities in Togo by promoting their professional integration.

Thus, with the aim of developing good practices which deserve to be capitalized on and shared, FETAPH, the main implementing partner of the project, commissioned a study for the development of a manual of good practices.

The main objective of the workshop on July 24, 2020 is to share with the project stakeholders the content of the capitalization manual highlighting good practices, lessons learned, success factors and implementation constraints.
Indeed, it is the BERIS-CONSULTING firm that was recruited to conduct the study that led to the development of this good practice manual, the validation workshop of which is being held today. This workshop brought together around twenty participants from various state and non-state services.
Four major phases marked the workshop (i) presentation of the results of the study by the Consultant, (ii) plenary discussions, (iii) group work and (iv) feedback of group work in plenary .

It should be remembered that during the debates which followed the presentation of the results, the workshop participants had to ask questions of clarification and made proposals to improve the final document.
After this theoretical presentation and practical phase in committee, the manual for capitalizing on good practices was unanimously validated by the participants, provided that the consultant incorporates the various observations made by the participants.
In the end, this document will be widely popularized and will serve as a guide illustrating the achievements of the project since its launch until July 2020.

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