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Togo / The norms and standards of an inclusive school

Togo has just adopted a document of norms and standards for inclusive education. As part of the implementation of the recommendations of Dakar World Education Forum. This forum not only underlined the need to achieve Education For All (EFA), but also “to improve the quality of the education and guarantee excellence so as to obtain for all, the results of 'quantifiable known learning'.

Following the recommendation of the 2000 World Education Forum held in Dakar, States have the obligation to ensure, on the basis of equality , access to education at all levels in all forms, including “access to the same programs, the same examinations, the availability of qualified teaching staff, place and teaching materials of the same quality for all”.

In Togo, several actions are developed by the government through the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MEPS) and supported by technical and financial partners (PTF) including Humanity and Inclusion (Handicap International), the European Union (EU), Agence Française de Développement (AFD), Educate a Child (EaC), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Christoffel Blinde Mission (CBM) and Plan International Togo.

Thus, an effective inclusion requires the changing of the policies, cultures and practices of schools. So that the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MEPS) in partnership with UNESCO has developed a document of norms and standards of an inclusive school which can be used to harmonize all interventions in order to facilitate the institutionalization of inclusive education in Togo.
The document of norms and standards of an inclusive school is very important insofar as all the actors involved in quality education for all will now have the rules and principles to harmonize their interventions

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