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Workshop for setting up and launching the consultation framework of voluntary organizations in Togo.

This August 28, 2020, was officially launched at the cash desk, a framework where volunteer organizations present in Togo will meet periodically, through a national workshop. The objective of this workshop was to set up the coordination office of the Consultative Framework of Volunteer Organizations in Togo (CCOVT) and to officially launch the CCOVT.

After 5 preparatory workshops for the establishment of the CCOVT, the framework for consultation of voluntary organizations in Togo will be a place for meetings, exchanges and sharing between the actors of volunteering. For Omar AGBANGBA, General Director of ANVT, a founding member structure of the said framework, initiated with the support of the State Consolidation Program and the Associative World (Pro-CEMA), this framework will make it possible to carry out fairly important reflections in in order to promote volunteering. "The role of volunteering in development issues no longer needs to be demonstrated thanks to the actions that volunteers carry out every day alongside communities. The CCOVT, will now allow, after a given period, to emerge effectively, a report on volunteering in general and above all will allow everyone within the framework to share their knowledge and experiences in order to improve the quality of services ”, he explained during the presentation of the genesis of the framework.
Around a hundred people took part in this launch, including the mayor of the municipality of Gulf 3, representatives of civil society organizations, partner structures, etc.

Representing the Minister of Grassroots Development, Crafts and Youth, the cabinet director of the said ministry, raised the plausible prospects for the establishment of such a framework.
It should be remembered that the CCOVT implementation project was launched in 2015 but could not take shape despite the will displayed by the various players. Since then, meetings and several works have been carried out prior to the holding of this national workshop.

The establishment and operationalization of the CCOVT aims at strengthen the dialogue between all the actors and voluntary organizations, to create a strong link of reflection, exchange and sharing around the issues and challenges, to initiate and participate in activities to promote and enhance volunteering ; for greater synergy and more impact of volunteering.
An office of 7 members made up of the various national and international voluntary organizations present in Togo and commissions were set up in order to animate and lead the framework for a two-year term.

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