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Deputy Gaëtan AHOOMEY-ZUNU is concerned about the employment of young people and vulnerable people in the Totsi-Gblinkomé Zokalégba district

As part of a local awareness tour called "door to door mass" started several months ago in the various municipalities, the blind honorable Gaétan AHOOMEY-ZUNU national assembly member had met young people and women including disabled unemployed people from the Totsi-Gblinkomé Zokalégba district in the commune Golfe 5 this 02 May 2020.

Organized in the aftermath of International Workers’ Day celebrated around the world on May 1, during this exchange and sharing session which lasted about two hours, participants expressed their concerns about employment.
“I listened to them and showed them how far I can go with them. I also equipped them with employment opportunities as well as possibilities for self-entrepreneurship. "Said the executive director of ONATEF, the responsible for the employment of people with disabilities.
The participants left very happy for the working session and it is a great satisfaction for our famous representative at the assembly.
Work makes man, let’s help each other.

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