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200 budgetary positions granted to disabled people in Ivory cost

The Ivorian Ministry of Employment and Social Protection has just published the number of disabled people to be hired into the Public Service for the year 2020. This workforce is 200 disabled people as announced by the Directorate for the promotion of people with disabilities (DPPH) this Monday, July 6, 2020.

It is the great joy within the community of disabled people in Ivory cost after the announcement of the exceptional hiring of 200 disabled people in the Civil Service for the year 2020.
The first of this long-awaited information comes to us from the Directorate for the Promotion of Disabled Persons (DPPH) on the Facebook page of which we can read the following message :
"Derogatory recruitment 2020 of disabled people in the Public Service.
The news are good !
200 budgetary positions granted by the government.
See you soon for the program.

Thank you to the Ivorian authorities and to all the actors of this derogatory recruitment which will, reduce the fairly high unemployment rate within the community of disabled people of Ivory Cost because of many barriers to access to work.

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