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APROFEHTO and the strengthening of knowledge about cancer disease

APROFEHTO: sensitization of women with disabilities and mothers of children with disabilities on the causes, risk factors, consequences of breast and cervical cancer and the benefits of early detection

On October 05, 2018, an awareness campaign was conducted in Djidjolé on "the causes, risk factors, consequences of breast and cervical cancer and the benefits of early detection".
The objective of this action is to inform and sensitize disabled women and men and mothers of disabled children on the causes, risk factors and consequences of cancer and also Bring them to understand the need for early detection of breast and cervical cancer, and possibly for men, lung and prostate cancer.
Many women suffer from breast cancer and neglect the symptoms which are mostly warning signs
However, when breast and cervical cancer are detected late, the available treatments prove ineffective and those affected succumb to the disease.
In 2015, four women with disabilities who were members of APROFEHTO died from breast cancer diagnosed too late. That is why, reducing the risk of death from breast and cervical cancer through strengthening knowledge and adopting a healthy lifestyle is APROFEHTO’s challenge. towards its members and the whole community.
In general, women are more exposed to cancer in Africa and Togo.
In total, 303 people including 218 beneficiaries of APROFEHTO participated in this awareness which was carried out thanks to the technical support of ATBEF (Togolese Association for Family Well-Being). The medical assistant provided by ATBEF explained in depth the causes, risk factors, consequences of cancer and the benefits of screening.
It then showed the positions and the different stages of an adequate breast self-palpation when a malignant tumor is suspected in the breast. A cancer detected quickly offers guarantees of survival in patients.
Likewise, cervical cancer can also be treated and eradicated if caught early. It is caused by a virus called "papilloma" and a vaccine is now available for pubescent girls who have not yet had sex.

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