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Portail des Droits des Personnes Handicapées en Afrique de l'Ouest




Ariane Adjolohoun explains the consequences On ADO FM Radio.

The radio program ‘’Mon Handicap et moi'' on Radio ADO FM 100.0, broadcasting from Cotonou, once again addressed the issue of Disability. Sexual violence against people with disabilities, what responsibilities and how to avoid the worst? It is around this theme that Ariane Adjolohoun, Social Communication and Social service has adopted questions related to violence against people with disabilities in Benin and around the world.

The guest of Marcel Candide HINVY, explained the causes.
For the specialist, all disabled people or not is exposed to violence of all forms and must take strong protective measures to avoid the worst. The ignorance of the texts, the unbridled envy, the bad methods and mentalities of people and many others constitute the phenomenon.

For her, the convention on the rights of people with disabilities in Benin and the constitution proscribe the various marginalizations of which people with disabilities are victims on a daily basis. We have to come to understand that people with disabilities or not have the same rights as other people in the community.
Following the question of the listeners who made the appointment for the show, we must overcome the debate and put each being in his place for equal opportunity for all Parents must assume their role of protection and the environment must play its part, she reminds us.

Communication must go through, children and young people with disabilities must be monitored, who do not necessarily have to ask to be in this situation. We are all representatives of the state at the base has she notified to invite all parents to an effective awareness
MON HANDICAP ET MOI is a weekly program that addresses issues related to disability and human rights. The show receives people with disabilities who are examples who dominate their Disability

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