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Blindness is about consciousness

This is a story of a blind girl who often travel from a commercial vehicle from a distance place called Serrekunda to Banjul city using a commercial vehicle or a bus. I have hard course to interview this young girl. though she is blind, these are her travel experience she encountered before:

It is a rich and fascinating spectrum said by Haddy Joof visually impaired people come in many different variations. Some of us have central version but not periphery . some see the world through a window stained with blobs. For others it is all blurs, to these estences Haddy said we could form a zombie army but then we will probably just quietly get in your way on stair cases.

And given the chance many people out there will understand. Such as the girl who saw me holding my White cane squinting up at a noticed board at Banjul bus station. As I sat next a passenger on the bus station taking out my phone from my bag, she learned over and asked me did you get all the information you needed from the board ? I replied that I wasn’t 100% sure but I thought the seven 0’clock bus was arriving in 10 minutes.

She got up and confirmed that I was right."well done she said. Thank you I replied" and we both sat down together waiting for the bus.
From the encounter I had with Haddy Joof as a blind girl, is clear indication that Haddy is living an independent life and extension, showed that indeed blindness is not an inability.

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