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Challenges faced by students with disabilities in the learning environment (university)

Institute of Public Administration and Management-IPAM as a case study. IPAM is one of the public university in Sierra Leone that is not accessible to students with disabilities.

Accessibility in the universities is a key challenge for people with disabilities in Sierra Leone. IPAM is a renow and public university where every student loved to enroll. Every year a good number of students enrolled in the university but only few disabled students enrolled because the institution is not accessible and disable friendly. Most disabled students rather go to these small colleges or decide not to forward their education to tertiary level.

November 2017, IPAM have constructed and opened another new building that is not accessible to disable students this is because the government is not taking in to consideration on disability issues when planning and UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities Article 9 states that all state parties shall ensure that persons with disabilities have equal rights in all basis ; which include physical environment, that physical accessibility.

This year 2019, dsabled students who have taken the challenge to enroll in the university have now decided to use the media another stakeholders to strongly advocate for easy Accessibility and friendly environment in all universities for persons with disabilities.

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