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Portail des Droits des Personnes Handicapées en Afrique de l'Ouest






In life people are born in different ways. Some are health while others came unhealty, which may be cause by different factors and can lead to the persons disability. Being disabled in life does not mean you are unable to do something to achieve your own desire objectives, dreams and goals in life, instead it is just a matter of accepting and be proud of who you are and have faith, courage,patience and self motivation to be able to face the obstacles or challenges that may come on your path.

Most people look at those with disability in different ways as they are not part of the human race, this ideology and wrong concepts makes a lot of disables people see themselves as being regardless and discriminated in the society. Therefore, they underrated their capabilities and potentiality as useful citizens in the community.
People with different disabilities encountered a lot of challenges in their homes, societies and moreover in schools at large.
Since some are blind folded to the point that being different in our physical made up does not means we have different sense of focus, direction or the same common sense,despite the fact that we are all equall and above all, we are all human. As human beings we are all blessed with talents that can be utilizing in different areas to make a better world. However, those with disabilities needs a special attention that will enable them to utilize and show out the talents they possess. But if they are not considered, it would be difficult for people to acknowledge their pontials particularly in the school’s and society.

This is why inclusive system of education helps and plays a crucial role for able and disable people to be join in the same classroom for effective learning. This can give chance and enable the people to interact with physically challenged people to know their differences and ability in doing things. Therefore, it would e realize that disability Is not inability. Meaning being disabled does not mean that you are unable to do anything to achieve your goals in life

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