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Disabled prisoners now trained in several trades

People with disabilities are no longer excluded regardless of their positions. Now in Benin through the Inside-Outside project, disabled prisoners will be equipped in several trades even in prison.

From now things will change, despite of disability and prisoner status, one can have knowledge of several professional occupations. Wildaf Benin, through the “Inside-Outside” project, aims at developping work and training for disabled peisoners.
The project will equipy ki them in several trades such as agro-pastoral transformation, the plastic arts, drawing, decoration, painting, sculpture and many others. This project aims at strengthening the talent of disabled prisoners.
For Wildaf Benin, disabled people detained after their outings will be monitored and settled in the various trades. We are on the right track to end the great problem of marginalization of which they are victims. In the various prisons selected, rolling stock such as wheelchairs, crutches, white canes, English canes and ramps are provided to facilitate the mobility of disabled people in detention houses. Once again the problem of marginalization will be combined with the past for the happiness of people with disabilities

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