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Emotional Difficulties Faced By People With Disabilities.

Emotional Difficulties is a major issue faced by people with Disabilities in The Gambia which ranges from strong feeling of frustration , Anger , sadness or shame which sometimes leads to psychological difficulties, Learning Difficulties in schools. People with such great challenges are often less accepted or maybe rejected by their peers and even family members.

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Emotional Difficulties Faced By People With Disabilities In The Gambia.
The People faced with Emotional Difficulties is a myriad of societal problems. As in previous generations, People with Disabilities are not left out of the race . The Society facing today’s youths and adult who are physically challenged, these problems seems to turn out as they are growing.
The problems are getting worst in recent years as they venture into their educational career and then becoming suspected victims of Emotional Difficulties.
To elaborate more , Such individuals felt isolated and devastated with out the help of their family members, they sometimes prefer to stay in doors after School hours .
These has been giving negative effects in the minds of the person with Disabilities.
In most cases , they find it difficult to make friends and even to keep friends and possibly to identify a life partner in order to settle down with.
In it’s place , Few of them are likely to be more confident to conquer challenges that comes their ways to finding a bright future and living in a better environment.
It is obvious that such emotions are normal to experience but throwing lights to the experience that occurred in the life of Person’s with Disabilities cannot be overemphasized. These problems ranges from accomplishing daily activities due to limited resources or the kind or amount of work load which leads to several employees shying away from employing people with Disabilities and these might not serve as an example to elevating them.
The social emotional side of learning Disabilities combines emotionally and poor emotion regulation skills been found at risk for behavior problems with regards to their daily interaction amongst their peers but the re-search has not strictly pin point what manners should one carry upon themselves to helping the vulnerable once at any location..
It is factaul that students who have problems in affect/ emotions, perception, cognition and language, it is critical that interventions are made to address the Emotional Contagion in Schools and Society at large to eliminate such setbacks from developing the Nation .

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