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Employment, inclusion and Equality Of Persons with Disabilities in All Sectors

The Gambia Federation Of Person's with Disabilities on January 10th commemorates World Disabled Day Organized by Gambia Federation Of Disabled under the leadership of chairman Magistrate Muhammed Krubally in which theme includes Employment, inclusion and Equality for Person's with Disabilities in all Sectors.

The World Disability Day is normally celebrated on the 3rd December of every year which involves persons with Disabilities to come together to table and address issues that are yet to be considered by stakeholders and moreover raising more awareness of the quote " Being Disabled doesn’t mean unable".
For his part , Muhammed Krubally chairman of Gambia Federation Of Disabled delved into matters which he centered more on the Bill of Person’s with Disabilities which is yet to be passed to be implemented. He made mention of many opportunities given to others and not being considerate of the Disabilities. In his conclusion he promised the people that the outreach will still be going on and more and more efforts will be made in order to achieve a fair and equal treatment with all individuals without differentiation.
They promised the audience that "we shall continue the noise making " until our rights are been considered.

Towards the end of the event he urged everyone to join in the fight and moreover note that person’s with disabilities are not responsible for their condition, it’s by nature that they became disable , they shouldn’t be left out in decision making and many other things that outh to done in order to improve their well being. The public places should be disabled friendly, person’s with disabilities should queue when they went to hospital and all other institutions , they should consider how best to assist them to make them inclusive in all sectors of society.

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