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HIV and Disability : a hidden danger

In March 2018, an NGO in Burkina Faso, in partnership with National Federation of Disabled People, sponsored a biobehavioral study that revealed a serious danger.

The NGO Humanity and Inclusion, in partnership with the Federation of Disabled People of Burkina (FDPB), noticed that people with disabilities overall have hard access to quality healthcare services despite of legal texts that should facilitate their access. And especially about HIV, they are not considered as a priority target in fighting against disease.
On this basis, Humanity and Inclusion and FDPB undertook a biobehavioral study that targeted people with disabilities in 3 regions of the country. The results of the study showed that HIV rate among people with disabilities is 4.6. A higher rate than all others namely sex workers, gay men drug users, inmates, drivers….. who are considrered as priority targets according To the national strategy of fighting against disease.
Hence, during the return of study outcomes strong recommendations were made to make now disabled people a priority target in HIV response. Now for a useful struggle all policy, strategy or program of fighting against HIV and STIs should first of all take into account disabled people.

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