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HOPE-19 delivers food stuff for persons with disabilities through their umprella federation

Yet in the crusade to fight against Covid-19 which continues to pose difficulties in terms of survival, Hope-19 which is a charitable Organisation formed by Gambians in the United States of America dedicated to reaching and helping the vulnerable communities including Persons With Disabilitie by delivering food items to help PWDS.

Over the passed months, Hope-19 has raised over 2600 Dollars and were able to help over 90 families who are the poor including persons With Disabilities.The food items presented by Hope-19 include ;
30 backs of 25 Killos of Rice, 40 Backs of Sugar, 10 Killos, Ten Cartons of Tomato Paste, each Carton containing 6 Tins, and all together, 36 tins of tomato paste. It also include 6 Bags of Potato.

Representative of Hope-19 Baaba Drammeh promised to help Persons With Disabilities more when available in the future. Representative of Other Donor Molifa Sanneh also praised Hope-19 for the wonderful initiative.
Chairmann of the Federation Magistrate Krubally also commended Hope-19 of the gesture and further called on the Government and other partners to always consider helping DPOS in the light of the present crises.

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