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Portail des Droits des Personnes Handicapées en Afrique de l'Ouest




Inclusive Local Development, an Inclusive project of Humanity & inclusion of Benin

Humanity & inclusion in several countries in the world and in African has for essential mission the well-being, and a worthy empowerment of the name for disabled people.

To move from words to deeds and despite the many projects that exist and that give hope to people with disabilities, there is a new project.
DLI Développement Local Inclusif is the name of the project which essentially aims at based-city management with actors and disabled people. Leave no one behind, act effectively and effortfully for participative management.

For the assistant project manager of HI Benin, this Project concerns the localities of Cotonou, Parakou and Calavi and will make the management of the city in all areas more permanent by the actors themselves. Inclusive local development is everyone’s matter, disabled and non-disabled all must come together to work and support the development of their territory.

Humanity & inclusion is committed to defending compliance with standards and rules so that people with disabilities, whatever their position, feel involved.
Remember that a team has gone on the ground to meet actors, district leaders and partners.
The effective start of the project will be subject to an end to the health crisis of covid 19.

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