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MASSITAN FOFANA, Physically disabled or The hope of disabled people in Mali !!

Massitan Fofana is the only female orthoprosthetist at the Père Bernard Verspieren fitting center and is one of those young girls and women who intend to impose themselves in environments strictly dominated by men.

Her daily work involves the design, adaptation and manufacture of prostheses and orthotics. She is in contact with patients, and gives them confidence by showing a lot of psychology.
It gives hope to people living with disabilities by giving them the autonomy they did not want.
Massitan learned his trade during a three-year training course in Lomé, Togo.
After her Baccalaureate and two years spent studying Management, she decided to participate in the competition for the training of orthoprosthetists in Togo and she was brilliantly admitted.
Indeed, Massitan, who has been a victim of polio since his earliest childhood, has always had the ambition to become an orthopedic technician. When she went to the center each time to make her prostheses, she matured the idea of one day being able to work in this field to help in turn all those who are going through the same situation as her.
To date, Massitan is part of the staff of the Father Bernard Verspieren fitting center and receives a minimum monthly salary of 125,000f cfa.
In addition to being a good orthoprosthetist, Massitan also knows how to be a very good housewife at the house where she lives with her mother. She knows how to cook great meals and keep the house clean.
Her mother was always proud to have her as a daughter because she was able to overcome her disability and this was possible thanks to the support of her whole family.
Today, Massitan’s dream is to open a fitting center for people with disabilities.
She says : "Despite your disability, you can successfully help and relieve other disabled people through your profession ;
Our disability should not prevent us from helping other people with disabilities

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