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Portail des Droits des Personnes Handicapées en Afrique de l'Ouest




Mali : KOUMA-DA voice of the voiceless

KOUMA-DA is an exchange and sharing space created for giving more visibility to elderly disabled women victims of socio-cultural prejudice (bearers of rights) as part of the personal development training project initiated by the Association for the Capacity Building for Disabled People (ARCAPH) in partnership with the Voice program.

On this platform no one will feel judged, persecuted, excluded. It concerned forging the personality of rights holders.
They can exchange, discuss and promote their craft products (necklaces, bracelets, tea towels, loincloths, etc.). This fact of communicating each other and showing their how-know prove the beneficits of this project, With this WhatsApp group we have taken back a taste for life because it allows us to talk about our concerns and support each other, but only the unite of communication problem and the lack of Android phones impede some women to participate to discussions. Now we have the voice, we are no longer ashamed to speak, we are part of the world and we discuss everything without taboo. "Declare the bearers of rights .

Personal development is based on the idea of the person, in his ‘’ordinary’’ state with little or no awareness of its real resources. That is confirmed by the emotional distress of these women on a daily life.
Rights holders also benefited from advice and tips on hygiene and care body to show off. Know that they are worthwhile so that they have a positive opinion of themselves.

There is no law prohibiting women with disabilities from marrying, but in practice, prejudice is very dissuasive. A great injustice strikes all those with a handicap who would nevertheless like to live a life of "normal" couple. It is high time to analyze the problem more seriously, and to start a real debate to remedy this loneliness that forces disabled women into isolation ...

Among the topics covered are :
Break loneliness through intergenerational exchanges ;
Self-confidence promotes empowerment ;
Disability and COVID19 ; ;
Sexuality ;

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