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Portail des Droits des Personnes Handicapées en Afrique de l'Ouest




Mali : What do people with disabilities want ? Drissa DIARRA, visually impaired tells us about it

Drissa DIARRA is a visually impaired person who studied at the Institute for the Young Blind. After getting his baccalaureat certification, he studied law at university. Graduated in international public law, he is involved in community movements as human rights defender and especially the promotion of people with disabilities because he is the 3rd vice president of the Union of the Blind Mali (UMAV) and the president of the Scientific Committee of Graduated disabled (COHD). He is also secretary in charge of human rights issues within the National Youth Council of Mali (CNJ-Mali)

When asked, what do people with disabilities want ?
Drissa DIARRA, certified trainer on the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in connection with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) tells us about it :
" Nothing special ; nothing remarkable. We just want to go to school in our neighborhood or sector, getting access to the publics places like bookstore, movies, bus stations, shops in the city center or going to see friends or relatives across town or the country Without any external help. We also want access to the polling station, like everyone, on election days. We want to be able to get married, work and raise our children. We still want good quality and affordable medical care. Finally, we wish to be considered as full-fledged people, integrated into society, and not as individuals to be hide, to take pity on or asking for charity.

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