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Nigeria – Disability Decree (rights, éducation, helth and security )

The purpose of this Decree is to provide a clear and comprehensive legal protection and security for Nigerians with disability as well as establish standard for enforcement of the rights and priviledges guaranteed under this decrees and other laws applicable to the disabled in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Disabled persons shall.. be guaranteed treatment as equals to other Nigerians for all purposes in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Accordingly it shall bethe duty and responsibility of organs of government and of all authorities and persons to adopt and promote policies that will ensure full integration of the disabled into the mainstream of the society.

Government shall ensure within the context of economic, political and social idea and objectives to Nigerians that :

a- Disabled persons are fully integrated into the national economy.
b- Disabled persons shall have equal rights, privileges, obligations and oppurtuni,ties before the law.
c- Disabled persons are provided equal and adequate education.

In this Decree, unless it is otherwise expressly provided :

"Commission" means National Commission for people with Disability
"Disabled person" means a person who has received premilminary or permanentcertificate of disability to have condition which is expected to continue permanently or for a considerable length of time which can reasonably be expected to limit the person’s functional ability substantially, but not limited to seeing, hearing, thinking, ambulating, climbing, descending, lifting, grasping, rising, any related function or any limitation due to weakness or significantly decreased endurance so that he cannot perform his everyday routine, living and working without significantly increased hardship and vulnerability to everyday obstacles and hazards.

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