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Recycling of contributors of the PROADIPH

From 17th june to 20th was organised an exchange space by WAFOD at Bamako, Mali at hotel DAFINA d'or recycling contributors.

The four (4) days of exchange is made possible by the partnership of European Union, HI, WAFOD and FEMAPH. This space allowed participants coming from différents countries as Bissau guinea, Sénégal, Niger, Liberia and Nigeria ans Mali the host country to show their commitment and be familiar with PROADIPH through the technic of edting web article and publishing on line. Some important element were raised during these days as ten rule and 5wh and 2 h question to be respected when writting article. PROADIPH is not only a tool of communication of WAFOD but a promoting one. It contributs to the promotion of people with disabilities in making them visible around the world. Because now website are mostly used than any other means of communication it can touch a thousand of internet user once by a single clic on.
This session has allowed to new administrators to be at the same level as farmres. That was a satisfaction for participants and trainer and partner.

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