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Resolutely committed, the RAPHaL Network opens a new era

The Don Bosco vocational training center in Cotonou served as a framework for the Ordinary General Assembly of the First crucible for the defense of the rights of people with disabilities in Benin, the Network of Associations of People with Disabilities in Benin now the Network of Associations of People with Disabilities in Littoral.

After few years of difficulties, situation was remedied for the well being of people with disabilities by the team led by Mr. BAGAN Theodule and the various members of the board of directors. Twenty six Member Associations were called for this crucial meeting to Stuart things. Of the 26 invited, 24 responded to this invitation.
Very soon after its installation on December 13, 2019, the board set to work, at this level almost everything had to be taken up, the modification of the Network, the proofreading of the fundamental texts, the procedure manual, sanitation of the associations, negotiating hearings to restore confidence with the various partners, setting up an annual work plan, recruiting a Program Manager to truly establish the administration of the Network.
After the above points enumerated to the participants, the Activity and Financial Report was read to explain the situation of the Network and the efforts of the board members to correct the situation.

In a good working atmosphere, the debate is open and furnished. The participants as a whole appreciated the work while congratulating the members of RAPHaL for its determination to change the face of the Network.
The General Secretary of the Network Jean AMOUSSOUGA, after having dispelled the dark corners, invite all members to join their efforts for a more dynamic and efficient organization. President BAGAN Theodule after the presentation of a communication on the synergy of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities, he will go in the same direction as his predecessor and while showing the commitment of all 9 members.
A communication which aims at a representativeness of the Associations of People with Disabilities in each District who are the representatives of the Network at the base. Crazy work will be done with these representatives in order to get closer to their targets.
Commissions coordinated by the Vice President of the Victorian Zondoga Network.
In the discussions, the Network Information and Communication Officer Marcel Candide HINVY reviewed the activities carried out in the area of visibility of activities.
The minutes of the session were read by the Program Officer Auxence Zinsou to the great acclaim of all the participants. A lunch break, and family photos put an end to this Ordinary General Assembly of the Network of Associations of People with Disabilities of the Coast (RAPHaL)

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