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Sensitization of persons with disabilities by REDD+ Togo and FODOT on Sustainable forest management in Togo :

Wednesday, June 13, 2018, people with disabilities were sensitized on tackling forest degradation and deforestation in Togo, through promoting people with disabilities pinarticipation in sustainable forest management project.

Greenhouse gases reduction REDD+ and combating climate change Will only be efficient with common involvement of all stakeholders, including people with disabilities. Therefore, leaders of REDD + Togo in partnership with Togolese Federation of Disabled People initiated a project called 《Promoting persons with disabilities participation in sustainable forest management through awareness-raising on climate change, tree and forest importance》
Indeed, this project aimed at raising awareness about 500 persons with disabilities from 30 groups of persons with disabilities on climate change,importance of safeguarding vegetation . Togolese whole Population is about 7 million and 900,000 are disabled. How to think to human sustainable development of the country without this large number of people ?
Everyone must be involved in REDD + implementation process. That is why people with disabilities will work in gender dimension, which is a crosscutting dimension of REDD +, "said Assih Hémou, National Coordinator of REDD +.
Funded up to 8 million CFA francs, this project aims at involving people with disabilities in awareness-raising on sustainable forest management, for an effective fight against climate change in Togo.

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