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Massive Turn up and Mind blowing Sessions at the CRPD Today. Today being the 17th day of October, accommodated a great number of participants with disability at the convention held at The National Convention centre, Wuse ,Abuja . The convention started at about 11:am gmt

There is no saying that disability programs are taking a turn Nationally and the testimonies that follow are that which would encourage and foster the fight for sustainable equality in the sector of Persons with disability round the globe.

5 west African countries where represented in the Convention, with A hand full of participants from the designated zones to Grace the convention .
Liberia - 50 participants
Nigeria - 46 participants
Niger Republic - 53 participants
Ghana. - 41 participants
Togo - 30 participants

Amongst the attendees where heads of clusters and Heads of the different sectors of the disability programs and A host of others who made the convention a success .

The participants where given ample opportunities to air out views, facts and pressing issues that concerns them as individuals and as a body .
It was a great time to Think-tank as mater’s where dealt with and other issues to be resolved.

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