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Portail des Droits des Personnes Handicapées en Afrique de l'Ouest




Stop the exclusion of disabled children !

Children with disabilities are the most marginalized and the first to be excluded from the education system. More than 32 million children with disabilities in low and middle income countries are deprived of education. Not having access to school increases vulnerability and the level of poverty; this makes children more vulnerable to social exclusion, violence and discrimination. However, all children, including children with disabilities, have the right to free, quality, inclusive basic education (primary and secondary).

Children with disabilities have the right to go to school.
Education is a fundamental right. By signing this petition, I denounce this unacceptable discrimination and I support HI’s call to fight against the exclusion of children with disabilities from education. I call on the Belgian government to further support inclusive quality education in low-income countries, to enable them to go to school and participate fully in society.

Call on the Belgian government to put children with disabilities at the heart of our development aid and to redouble their efforts to achieve the 4th sustainable development goal, "Inclusive quality education for all by 2030".

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