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Portail des Droits des Personnes Handicapées en Afrique de l'Ouest




Succeeding with your Disability ”takes the side of disabled people

A new association is born in Togo to promote the rights of people with disabilities. This is the association "Réussir avec son Handicap (RASH). The members of this organization held the constitutive general assembly in Lomé on Saturday. It ended by the election of a 7-person office chaired by Issofa Afolari.

For the founding members, the creation of this association is motivated by their desire to take into account the economic, social and cultural rights of people with disabilities.
The purpose of the RASH association is to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic and cultural living conditions of the community of people with disabilities in a sustainable and participatory human development approach.

In detail, the organization intends to alleviate or reduce poverty for people with disabilities through the initiation and execution of socio-economic projects, promote education and vocational training for people with disabilities, conduct advocacy in promoting employment and access to credit for people with disabilities. Likewise, it wants to promote creativity in the cultural and artistic fields among people with disabilities, make their talents visible and work for their social integration.

“It is true that the public authorities and international institutions are taking significant action in favor of the well-being of people with disabilities. These actions will only bear real fruit if the disabled people themselves organize themselves into civil society groups to capitalize and make the most of the means and actions that the Togolese State and international institutions deploy in their favor ”, explained Issofa Afolari.
The constitutive General Assembly was marked by the adoption of the statutes of the association as well as the election of an executive committee of 7 members. The office is chaired by Mr. Afolari who was elected by acclamation like the others

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