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The Gambia federation of disabled conduct an emergency board meeting.

At GOVI complace in Gambia federation of disabled office,14th April 2020. It's all about how to prevent ourselves and people with disabilities against covid 19, to help people with disabilities a better ways of preventing themselves from coronavirus,in a board meeting at GFD office in kanifing.

The Gambia federation of disabled board members today gathered in our office in Kanifing for an emergency board meeting to find solutions of how to prevent ourselves, our DPOs and people with disabilities (PWDs), against the coronavirus (covid 19). It’s important for for us to come together as a board to discuss way forward since the PWDs are the most vulnerable in terms of any forms of disaster.

The meeting was very successful as all board members are very concerned about the people with disabilities, how to prevent them during this trying time to fight against covid 19 pandemic. The board agreed on having television programs with the state television and all the other private television stations in the Gambia together with all the radio stations in the Gambia to do sensitization programs on preventive methods.
The board also deem it fitting to provide food stuff for the most volnerable persons with disabilities in the Gambia as far as many of them are not in any form of pay work like monthly salaries, therefore it’s important that we as disabled people are given adequate consideration since most of them depend on hand to mouth living.

People who daily go out to get a living, if they are to stay at home for this luck down. How are they going to feed themselves and their families. The trustee of GFD have been actively seeking for assistance for PWDs who are among the poorest in the Gambia. To avoid them from having covid 21, that’s is hunger virus for persons with disabilities.

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