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Portail des Droits des Personnes Handicapées en Afrique de l'Ouest




The equal and non-discrimination

The right to equality are fundamental norms of article 5 of the UN crpd. The non discrimination and right to emerging consensus is that these are rights, where by the non discrimination is a narrower in content and essential element of equality. The text below highlight a case of Mr Edmond Conteh a visually impaired and the Sierra Leone Commercial Bureau.

Mr Edmond Conteh a visually impaired, a graduate who happened to be employed at the Sierra Leone Commercial Bureau LTD is a company that have over 100 workers nation wide. Among his colleagues he is the only one with impairment, he got this job on the 19 March 2017.
He is paid equally with the other colleagues.
provided with accessible computer, Braille and convenient working environment. The company have disability friendly human resources manual. This action develop the self esteem of Mr Conteh. The union commends the company because they regards the issue of equality and non discrimination stated in article 5 of Crpd.
Inclusion, whilst other companies discriminate and treat employees with disability inequally Mr Conteh is being treated on equal basis with other workers , with the company inclusive policy they have improve on the self esteem of the disabled workers.

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